Boob Cake Toppers


12 x rice paper boobie cupcake toppers!!

Boob cupcakes are 🔑 to any lesbian hen party.

If you fancy yourselves as contestants for next year’s GBBO then by all means whip them up from scratch - hint: this is a crowd pleasing squad activity. 

Alternatively pick yourselves up some cupcakes, and shove these bad boys on top. 

These are the fancy ones - they’re already in circles and they’re thicker than the other ones. Circles are roughly 2.5 inches - sizey! 12 of them. 🦄

Proper deets: 

Size- 2.5" Cupcake Discs x 12

To use- simply peel away from the backing sheet. Using a palette knife, lever a small amount of the icing upwards and then slide the knife underneath. Lever the image off the backing. 

Lightly moisten the top of the cake and place directly onto the icing. Smooth out the topper

If you are having trouble removing the image, simply place the sheet (in the plastic wallet provided) into the freezer for a few minutes. 


Starches E1422, E1412, Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, Water, Stabilizers (E414, E460i), Food Colour E171, Emulsifiers E491, E471, Flavors, Acidulants E330, Preservative E202, Sucralose

Edible Ink: Water, glycerine, citric acid, food colours,ethanol, preservatives


Store flat in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight


All of our printed toppers are printed at high definition using printers that have only been used with edible inks.

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