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Boob Cards


Boob Cards - delivering more than you standard pack of boob cards (we've all seen them at some point in our salubrious pasts). These cards are BIG. We'd go as far as saying almost actual sized boob images - 4X the size of normal cards.

This means that they're perfect for group fun - a very interesting twist on ring of fire... or pairs... or... you know what to do with boob cards! What's more... if you've got some more prudish guests you can hold these back until they're in bed (read: who to invite to a lesbian hen party for more intel)... or you can just make them deal with it. šŸ˜šŸ˜

Serving suggestions: Speed pairs with shots for any fails; a 'find your pair' game to help all the hens get to know each other; get a sharpie and get the hens to write a message of well-wishing for the bride(s) on the back for them to keep as an alternative keepsake. Sigh - so beautiful. šŸ“šŸ’œ


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