Les-be-hens: who to invite to a lesbian hen party 👯

lesbian hen party guests

Les-be-hens: who’s in?

Health warning: if your brides want a joint hen party, this guest list can become mammoth.

First things first, ask your engaged friends whether they want something together, or whether they’d rather celebrate one last night of lesbian freedom separately. 👰🏻👰🏻

Managing the guest list


These are your core - these are the people who can be your greatest assets or your biggest liability. Absolutely invite them. Use them for activity ideation, games creation and general delegation. People are thrilled to get involved - maximise this.


Ideal scenario: read above. Alternative scenario: they’re not close to them, they’re a bit of a pain, and they must be invited as courtesy. Unless they’re awful human beings in which case subtly slip them off the list (seek bride-ance on this one).


Assess the family sentiment towards the ‘news’ that your girl is marrying a girl. Incredible that we still need to ask this, I know, but some families are less brilliant than others. If there’s anything worrying about the family rhetoric, it might be better to do something separate for them… something with less vagina straws, pussy pops and boob costumes. Then again, maybe we want to punish them for being unhelpful.


I think we’re a little past ‘hen parties are just for girls’. All traditions out of the window, if your brides want boys, have them. And get them mega involved - they usually want to be front and centre in the vagina excitement.


Colleagues are either more like friends… or they are more like relatives. Judge accordingly.

As always, if there’s something you’re worrying about, tell us! We love putting together our advice for you, whatever the question. 💗

Millie xox 

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