Carla & Lily's Lesbian Hen Party - made by Karen

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So you need ideas for a lesbian hen party?

It’s an honour to be put in charge of organising a hen party for your favourite girls, but it can equally feel daunting. Planning a lesbian hen do, especially your first one, can be a bit of a different challenge… much less is written, there are less plastic goods to choose from and Pinterest is much lighter on the classic lesbian hen party results than for girls marrying boys.

We want to change all of that. To help on the ideas front, we’re interview the maids of honour that come our way, the sisters, best friends and cousins, who want to give their favourite girls the second best days of their lives.

This week we spoke to Karen, best friend of Carla, (soon-to-be wife to Lily) to find out what she planned for them.


Tell us about your lesbians.

Carla is my best friend from school and Lily is her fiancee. Carla is really quite ‘girly’ whereas Lily is more of a ‘Tom Boy’ for want of a better word. They asked me to be their Maid of Honour, so naturally I took on the hen party duties.

How did you decide what to do?

Considering the girls are so different, but wanted to do their hen do together (argh!!), I had to get creative. I thought in more detail about what they like individually, and what their friends were like, and decided the only way to do it was to do a weekend-long thing, with two very separate evenings.

So then what?

Having never planned a lesbian hen do before, I presumed I’d just go to google and loads of options would come up… but there was really nothing. Only and one other site. I had to use my brain a bit more than I’d intended to come up with a plan, and no one could answer my questions about who to invite (mums, aunties, boys?!), what games to play (‘pin the willy on the hunk’ didn’t seem quite right) or where to go.

What was the itinerary suited for the less girly of your friends?

For Lily’s night, the guest list included boys, so we planned it to be fun for everyone.

Friday night


Meet at the girls’ house for pre-drinks, to get changed into outfits (boys in boob costumes, our brides to be in personalised t-shirts) and bundle everyone into a taxi in time.


Meet everyone else at TGIs (they’re great at good old fun and have loads of offers for happy hour and the like: where they made a real fuss of us. Give the party bags out.


Get to Jump Giants for a Jump Disco (loads of other activities if a disco doesn’t appeal:


Put everyone in taxis home… we’ve got a big night ahead of us tomorrow!


Party Bags (people were really excited for this surprise - we did them both nights)

Carla and Lily’s Hen Party badges


Boob shot glasses

Chocolate boobies

Balloons ‘YAY same vagina forever’

Pussy Whistle

Squeezy boob keyring


Total budget (pp): from £65

Budget breakdown

Boob Costume: £30

Personalised T-Shirt: £20

TGI dinner and drinks: £30

Jump Disco: £20

Party Bag: £15

Other costs to think about: pre-drinks and taxis


What was the itinerary suited for your more girly friend?

For Carla’s night, the guest list included mums and aunties, so I was a bit nervous about how far I should push the boobie and vagina themed stuff. I just decided to message them about it before to warn them - I think they were grateful and played along in good spirits.

Saturday night


Meet at the girls’ house for pre-drinks, and to get ready together. Carla loved this bit, even though it was super simple, and I think her relatives liked an opportunity to hang out with a few of us before the night out bit. Give the party bags out and get the brides-to-be into their accessories: I got a veil for Carla and a white ‘bride-to-be’ cowboy hat for Lily (she’d never wear a veil!!)


Party bus!!! The party bus picked us all up from Carla’s and took us into London. This was a great way to keep spirits high (you’re allowed drinks on the bus) and we used this hen party Spotify playlist


Dinner and drinks at Ruby Blue - yummy cocktails.


Karaoke Box. You just book a private room for however many people you have. It has all of the stuff in the charts as well as the classics. The best bit is the ‘drinks button’ - you just press it and they bring you whatever you want! Probably best to collect a kitty before this though as the bill can be more than you think at the end.

lesbian hen do ideas

Party Bags (again, everyone loved these)



Plastic wine glass with hen party ribbon

I love lesbians badge

Booby cupcakes

Glow sticks / glasses

Giant boob balloons

Boob straws

boob cupcakes lesbian hen party bag

Total budget (pp): from £90

Budget breakdown

Party Bus: £30

Ruby Blue dinner & drinks: £35

Karaoke Box room hire: £10 (pp for an hour and a half)

Karaoke Box drinks: £25

Party Bag: £15

Bride accessories: £10

Other costs to think about: pre-drinks, taxis home


How did it go?

It was a lot of work (pick someone you trust who would enjoy helping to give you a hand) but it was totally worth it. Our lesbian brides-to-be were so excited and loved the two night approach with different kinds of activities. Even the mums and aunties who I was worried about said they had lots of fun and joined in with the vagina fun!!


Top 3 Tips

Ask your brides-to-be if they have any hopes or dreams straight away - understand whether they want to celebrate together or apart

Book everything as far in advance as possible

Speak to any older lady relatives who might join about what to expect to make them feel comfortable


Need more ideas?

We’re exhausted just reading about such an amazing few days that Karen planned for these two and their pals. What an amazing maid of honour!

If you’d like help planning a lesbian hen do, we’re happy to help - just drop us an email on


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